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Welcome to the "Seventies Cycle Run" webpage. 70 CR is not an official club, but a group of friends fascinated by bikes from the 70's. Our activities are aimed at anyone who loves the result of the period that the European and American motor industry yielded a heroic battle with the fast-growing Japanese rivals. Every year we organise two events (one MEETING and one TRACK EVENT) where we bring together bikers from east, west, north and south. Classics, customs, caféracers, ratbikes, we lov'em all ... And they are all welcome.


The 11th 70's Cycle Run track event
posted on 3.5.09
at 11:25

Last Sunday we've again reached our limit in terms of number of participants at Croix for the first time .

It seemed that all of you knew that it would remain dry this time. Indeed, after several years with a lot of rain, this year we only had a few raindrops in the morning. During the afternoon, sunglasses were on everybody's noses.
We had set ourselves a limit in terms of number of participants, but had to puzzle to give everyone the chance to a comfortable ride. We've heard your reactions and we seem te have succeeded.
We saw a lot of wellknown faces back again and also a lot of nice seventies machines. Some standard motorcycles, some perfectly tuned machines and a few rough ones of the type of "chrome will not bring you home".
We really liked it and we hope you did the same.

And now it's wait until January 2010 before we know whether we get a date in April.

The pictures are online


The pictures of our meeting are finally online. Click here to browse them


A 70's cyclerun movie of the track event 2007 in Croix-en-Ternois. Made by Alex. Watch it here


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